MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus 2020-21 Available Here Download Now

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus 2020-21 Download MPPEB PNST Syllabus Check Syllabus for MP PNST 2020 – 21 Madhya Pradesh Pre Nursing Selection Test

About MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus and Exam

Madhya Pradesh Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus will be conducted for 150 marks for First Paper and 150 Marks for Second Paper, MP PNST will contain Multiple Choice Questions. Candidates will be asked about General English & Subject related questions in the form of OMR System.

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam Pattern in Detail

MP Vyapam Pre Nursing Selection Test has two Exam Patterns for 150 Marks Each Section and 02 Hours of Maximum Timelimit. Written Exam will be available in both English & Hindi Languages. Details are given below.

  • Negative Marking information not given in the official notification.
  • Written Exam will be contained in Morning & Afternoon Shifts.
First PaperMorning 09:00 to 11:0002 Hours150 Marks
Second PaperAfternoon 02:00 to 04:0002 Hours150 Marks
Exam Pattern – MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus in Detail

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test syllabus will be based on official notification Syllabus for Pre Nursing Selection Test. MP PNST 2020-21 will be conducted in the month of February 2021, Here we are mentioning the Written Test syllabus for Female Candidates who have applied for Pre Nursing Selection Test 2021.

Physics Syllabus

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

Unit and Dimensions, Dimensional Analysis, S.I, Units, Motion in two dimensions cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration, general relation among position and velocity, uniform circular motion, force and inertia. Newton’s laws of motion, Conservation of momentum and energy.

Static and kinetic friction, work energy and power elastic collisions, potential energy, gravitational potential energy and its angular conservation to its kinetic energy, potential energy of spring. Rigid body rotation and conservation of its momentum, moment of inertia, theorems of parallel and perpendicular axis. (moment of inertia of uniform ring, disc, thin rod and cylinder only)

Chemistry Syllabus

General and Physical Chemistry

Structure of atom: Constitutions of nucleus: Bohr’s atom model: quantum numbers Aufbau principle, electronic configuration of elements (upto Kr): De-Broglie relation, shapes of orbitalis.

Chemical bond: electrovalent, covalent and coordinate bonds, hybridization(sp): hydrogen bond: shapes of molecules (VSEPR theory): bond polarity, resonance, elements of VBT a MOT.

Solutions: models of expressing concentrations of solutions: types of solutions, Raoul’s law of colligative properties, non-ideal solution, abnormal molecular weights.

Inorganic Chemistry

Principal and metallurgical operations: furnaces, ore concentration, extraction, purification metallurgies of Na, Al, Fe, Cu, Ag, Zn, and Pb and their properties. Chemical periodicity s.p.d and f-block elements, periodic table: periodicity: atomic and ionic radii valency, ionization energy, electron affinity electro negativity, metallic character.

Comparative study of elements: comparative study of following families of elements 1. Alkali metals 2. Alkaline earth metals 3. Nitrogen family 4. Oxygen family 5. Halogens 6. Noble gases. Transition

metals: electronic configuration of 3d metal ions, oxidation states, other general characteristics properties, potassium permanganate, potassium dichromate. co-ordination compounds: simple nomenclature, bounding and stability, classification and bonding in organometallics.

Organic Chemistry

Calculation of empirical and molecular formula of organic compounds, menclature of organic compounds, common functional groups isomerism structure and shapes of alkanes, alkanes and benzene. Preparation properties and uses of alkynes, alkynes, benzene petroleum, cracking octane number, gasoline additives. Nomenclature, physical chemical properties, correlation of physical properties with structure properties and uses of haloalkane’s, halobenzene’s, alcohols and phenols: general
ideas of some polyhalogeno compounds vizdicholorothanes dichloraethers, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride D.D.T benzene.

Biology Syllabus

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

Structure organization of cell, cell theory. Light and electron microscopic view of cells. structure and functions of cell organelles : nucleolus mitochondria, Chloroplast, Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex lysosome, micro bodies, microfilaments ribosomes. Centrioles and plasmids, Eukaryotic chromosome (morphology) cell and plasma membrane. Difference between cell and animal division, cell cycle significance of mitosis and meiosis.

Mendel’s law of inheritance, monohybrid and dihybrid cross; linage and crossing over of genetic material DNA relication, genetic code transcription, translation and gene regulation.

Zoology Syllabus

MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

Multicellularity Structure and Function of Animal LifeDevelopment Biology and GeneticsTaxonomy Evolution Economic Zoology
Structure and function of animal tissues epithelial, connective muscular, skeletal and
Female reproductive cycle in mammals. Gametogenesis along with structure of sperm and ovum. Types of eggs, fertilization, types of cleavage and blastula, development of mammals upto three germinal layers. Foetal membrane structure
and functions in mammals.
Classification- bionominal and trinominal nomenclature, basic features of classification of different animal phyla upto classes with characters and suitable
Histology of mammalian organs –stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, lung testes and
Growth, repair, ageing, amniocentesis.Origin of life, theories of organic evolution- Drawing, Lamarck, synthetic evidence of organic evolution, human evolution.
Structure and physiology of different organ systems of human body. Skin, digestive systems, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, nervous system, reproductive system.Tissue culture, genetic engineering (brief idea), mutation gene mutation.Economic zoology/sericulture, apiculture, lac culture, poultry, fishery and pearl industry
MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

General English Syllabus

Reading ComprehensionVocabulary items including synonyms and antonyms, word formation,
Prefixes, Suffixes.
● Grammar and Usage
Articles and determiners.
Agreement between the subject and the verb.
Time and tenses.
Prepositions and phrasal verbs
Auxiliaries including modals
● Transformation of sentences.
Voices : active and passive.
Narration : direct and indirect.
Degrees if comparison
Sentences types : Affirmative, negative and interrogative
Common errorsSpelling (the British pattern of spelling will be followed).
Exam Pattern – MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

Examination Centers

Examination Centers are mentioned below

भोपाल इदौर जबलपुर
Exam Centers – MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

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This is Complete Syllabus and Exam Pattern. I hope you Like The Information. If you Have Any Doubt please Write to us in the Comment Section Below. We will try to Solve your Query. Keep Reading, All the Best for your Exam.
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FAQ – MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Syllabus

What is MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam Pattern?
MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam will be conducted in the form of Objective Type Written Test Details are given below
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How many papers in MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam?
MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam will be contained Single Paper with Two Parts Part A (Physics, Zoology) Part B… view more
How many total marks in MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam Paper?
There will be 300 Marks in MP Pre Nursing Selection Test and we have described Exam Pattern above.
What syllabus for MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Written Exam?
Written Exam syllabus – Physics, Zoology and click here to view detail syllabus.
What is MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam Mode 2021?
Exam Mode will be based on OMR System.
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How to Prepare for MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam 2021?
MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam Preparation tips –
1. Eat Healthy
2. Take Good Sleep
3. You can read through NCERT/CBSE etc. books
4. Prepare Early in the morning.
5. Get used to with waking up early in the morning.
How to Apply for MP Pre Nursing Selection Test?
Eligible Candidates can register by official website of MP Pre Nursing Selection Test at
What is Examination Centers for MP Pre Nursing Selection Test Exam?
Written Examination will be probably conducted in Uttar Pradesh Examination Centers.
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